Enjoing a comptemplative life

Enjoing a comptemplative life
Enoying a comtemplative life

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Learned Looking Out My Back Door

There were no happy creatures dancing on the lawn, as the song says but there were some squirrelly dynamics going on out there.

You know how after Christmas you have leftover cookies that just become more and more stale? Well, I put out a few of them and we had fun watching squirrels sitting up on the table out on the deck. They held the cookies in their little front paws like little kids as they nibbled away. 

Then the cookies, and other assorted stale Christmas leftovers, ran out. So I put our peanuts and we enjoyed watching them shell the nuts and eat.

But peanuts are expensive so I bought shelled corn from Agway and put it out on the table. I learned that squirrels don’t eat the whole corn kernel like horses and cows and deer. They leave bits of corn all over the floor. I also learned that squirrels do not share. 

The table is strewn with corn kernels and one squirrel, my friend JoAnn said he was the Tony Soprano of squirrels, is eating and lording it over the table. He won’t allow anybody to eat with him.  

An Upstart Squirrel comes along and leaps from the deck rail onto the table. Tony flicks his tail madly and rushes the Upstart knocking some corn off the table in the process of scaring away the intruder.
Upstart soon figures out that there is corn on the deck floor and he gets to eat anyhow.  

Tony only thinks he is the lord of his domain. He looks so important out there nibbling away with his tail tucked up across his furry little back. His beady little eyes keep a sharp lookout for Upstarts who are really smarter than good old Tony himself.    

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